Blue Sky Guesthouse in KUMANO HONGU


For those who would like to leave luggage before check-in / after check-out
(Luggage deposit service at the shop near of “KUMANO HONGU TAISHA grand shrine”)

We are very sorry that we are out from Blue Sky Guesthouse between 10am and 3pm due to doing errands.
If you would like drop your luggage off before your check-in or leave it after check-out,
You can use FREE luggage deposit service at "TORII shop"
near of KUMANO HONGU TAISHA grand shrine.

For applying it, please follow below instruction.

When you make reservation for us, select your arrival time in “Dropping luggage before check-in” box.

We will send “luggage deposit ticket” by e-mail on the previous day of use.
This service may be suspended depends on situation. In that case, we will show you alternative plan.

You can leave your luggage at “TORII shop” with showing your “luggage deposit ticket”.
(The closest bus stop is "HONGU TAISHA MAE".)

When you will drop your luggage off, accept claim tag.
Please check again below conditions before using.

Please come back to “TORII shop” for pick your luggage up before 5pm.
Claim tag is required for picking up.
We can’t offer transfer service from “TORII shop” to “Blue Sky Guesthouse”.
Please note if you couldn’t pick your luggage up before 5pm, we can return your luggage only after next morning.

And please check below conditions.
1) Service hour is from 9am to 5pm.
2) If you would like to cancel luggage deposit, contact to "Blue Sky Guesthouse" :
3) You can not leave valuables(passport, cash, credit card…) and fragile things (camera, bottle…).
4) The time limit for booking this service is 5pm of the previous day of your check-in.
After the deadline, you can use the coin-locker near of “Hongu Taisha mae bus stop” (300-500JPY)
5) We can’t be held any responsibilities for the damage of luggage.
6) We offer this free service one time (on check-in day or check-out day), one piece only.
Additional request with payment is accepted.
7) If you will not pick luggage up after 3days from deposit, we may handle luggage to police station as lost property.
8) We may suspend this service in emergency situation.

For detail information or inquiry, contact to “Blue Sky Guesthouse” :

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